MODULARHABIT® is a TUINSA MODULAR product, a company which is dedicated to the design and manufacturing/construction of modular industrial buildings.

Our VISION is to be a global company, which collaborates in working towards a better future, through its work and by paying special attention to environmental and sustainability issues.

Our MISSION is to offer a range of highly energy efficient products and habitability solutions which can deliver added value to our clients, stakeholders and employees and generate sustainable growth for the company.

The TUINSA Group´s extensive experience in industry and especially in the metal work sector and in renewable energy has been supplemented by architectural knowledge.  This combination of engineering and architecture led to the creation of TUINSA MODULAR.

The conclusions reached after analysis of the traditional construction sector point to a number of inadequacies which will prevent the traditional building system from meeting the requirements of habitability in the 21st Century, a time of major social change.

Ways of life have changed and this requires changes in the way houses are constructed, and TUINSA MODULAR can provide these solutions.

The inadequacies of the traditional system are the strong points of our business offer: price, short timeframes, flexibility, design, efficiency and sustainability.


TUINSA MODULAR has developed the MOHA® technology (MODULARHABIT®).

MOHA® is an industrialised construction system which uses metal structures as the building frame, which is then completed with a choice of insulation and finishes, so that we offer a product which is in line with our strategic objectives.

The MOHA® System (MODULARHABIT®) came about thanks to the work of the TUINSA Group´s R&D&I department and as a result of  a number of R&D&I projects, during which our building system was developed and perfected.

The success of the TUINSA MODULAR strategy is down to our staff members, who are without doubt our greatest asset. Our multidisciplinary team is made up of highly experienced and qualified engineers, architects, economists, technicians and factory workers.

We have the facilities to manufacture our products industrially and our extensive experience in factory assembly mean that our products can be installed anywhere.

TUINSA MODULAR´s business model is based on a multi-phase cycle for both new constructions and renovations.  This includes the design, technical plans, manufacturing of modules, module assembly, management of the construction work, final hand over of the building and a financial plan.

We tailor our service to the client´s needs; we can offer them our entire range of services to create the final product or our services can be customised to meet their needs.