cuadro-con-características-600x293MODULARHABIT® does not only work in the housing sector. It also designs and constructs all types of modular buildings.  We undertake UNIQUE PROJECTS for all sectors, such as the hospitality sector, offices, hospitals, sports centres, industrial facilities, kiosks, etc.  Our entire range offers high energy efficient building solutions with maximum levels of habitability and comfort.
The TUINSA MODULAR and MODULARHABIT®  product business model is based on and offers a multi-phase building cycle including the following stages con gente1.1
  • Initial design plans
  • Work plan
  • Manufacturing of modules
  • Delivery
  • Assembly of modules
  • Construction management
  • Technicians´ visits
  • Final hand over
  • Payment plans
Bloque residencial 01
As well as factory-built modules, MODULARHABIT® also works with recycled sea containers. They are treated and adapted to make them habitable.  This makes it possible to quickly manufacture, transport and build temporary architectural structures at a low cost, which can be used for specific purposes, such as mining or military camps. imagen0º
We tailor our service to the client´s needs; we can offer them our entire range of services to create the final product or our services can be customised to meet their needs.  As well as new buildings, we also carry out refurbishments.  Find out more about what we have on offer and our projects. 
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