casa inteligente MODULARHABIT houses are intelligent houses which, thanks to their fine architectural design developed using advanced technology, allow the inhabitants to live more comfortably according to their tastes and needs.


MODULARHABIT builds houses which are designed to adapt to their environment thanks to their bioclimatic architectural design, and this makes it possible to achieve maximum levels of comfort inside the building with minimum energy costs.  In order to so, we make the most of the climatic conditions of the building´s surroundings (we position the house in the best possible direction, we consider the direction and force of the wind, solar geothermal energy, rainfall, vegetation and indigenous materials, etc.), by using external climatic elements to create interior comfort, all thanks to the houses´ intelligent design.


shutterstock_102260116 Advanced technology and using it alongside other domestic systems is what we call automation. MODULARHABIT  gives our clients the chance to incorporate automated systems into their houses, which make it possible to manage technical elements of the house by using a touch screen or remote control to monitor the following:

  • Energy saving: temperature regulation, light controls, manage the energy consumption of each appliance and the electrical power being used, etc.
  • Security: monitoring and surveillance to prevent intruders, flooding, fire, gas leaks, as well as personal security features such as panic alarms, alarms that elderly people can use if they have fallen, etc.
  • Communications: remote control and telemetry, Internet access, internal communication and sharing of information resources in the home.
  • Comfort: heating timers, programmed lighting, automatic lawn watering, etc.
The MODULARHABIT intelligent house concept can be beneficial to both young families, whose primary concern is saving time, and elderly people who are more worried about health and security. MODULARHABIT can be adapted to meet all needs and can offer the following benefits:

  • Reduced energy costs, economic savings and it is environmentally friendly.
  • Greater comfort and peace of mind while in the house or away from home.
  • Makes organising daily life easier.
  • Increases security and offers more assistance to the elderly or disabled.
  • Aids communication with relatives and friends.
  • Makes tasks like working or shopping easier to do from home.



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