MODULARHABIT® has a range of factory-built modular homes at a fixed price, the MODULARLIFE range.  The modular habit system is very versatile and modules can be combined to create houses of various sizes and types and with different layouts and finishes.  From one-person studios to family homes, its flexibility means the possibilities are endless.  The houses are of a contemporary and innovative design, with smooth lines and high quality materials. They combine the qualities and aesthetics of traditional architecture with technological advances and top specifications.  The service areas of the house are grouped together in a wet module, which divides the day and night areas of the building. SECC2_2
There are three high-quality ranges in the MODULARLIFE [ML] series which clients can choose from:

  • The ML.EFFICIENCY range
  • The ML.ECOPLUS range
  • The ML.ECOPREMIUM range


The additional features found in the specifications table can be added to these ranges. pdf CALIDADES
All the modules are customised and can be complemented with optional extras and open plan modules which can be put to a number of uses such as a garage, office, dining-room, barbeque, etc. pdf MODULOS EXTRA


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