The houses of the future are those which can meet the highest demands for sustainability, are adaptable to the needs of those living in the houses, are constructed in the best possible way and are automated.

MODULARHABIT offers you the houses of the future today

MODULARHABIT®´s sustainable design is based on adapting the house to its surroundings and protecting the environment.  This involves a combination of adapting the architectural design to its surroundings, using clean energy, suitable waste management, suitable construction materials, and ensuring that the impact on the environment is low.

MODULARHABIT® houses are also built while taking into account the latest technology, with the aim of creating an ecologically sustainable, comfortable and “intelligent” home.




MODULARHABIT® understands that times change. New ways of life need new ideas for our living spaces.

MODULARHABIT makes it possible to adapt existing modules and extend them according to different needs. From temporary buildings to houses to last a lifetime, mass produced or customised, the MODULARHABIT system is designed to meet all manner of needs, today and in the future.





Industrialisation is the present and future of architecture.

MODULARHABIT® can offer solutions to the usual problems arising on site during construction of houses, such as work going on for a long time, high costs and energy consumption, a lack of ways to evaluate the quality of the construction, and building work being dependent on construction workers coordinating with each other and weather conditions.

  • MODULARHABIT factory production has the following benefits:
  • The use of resources and the industrial process are optimised. Staff are specialised, there is greater control over costs and materials and no dependency on weather conditions.
  • Greater precision.
  • Increased quality controls during the production process, which ensures the high quality of the final product.
  • Increasedsecurity.
  • Lesswaste is produced and it is more easily and effectively managed.
  • Shorter construction timeframes and lower costs.



TUINSA MODULAR has its own R&D&I department, which works on a range of programmes involving adapting materials for industrial use and searching for new alternatives.MODULARHABIT was created thanks to the work of this department, where advanced technology is used to construct the houses of the future.




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