MODULARHABIT buildings strike the perfect balance between design and savings. MODULARHABIT significantly reduces energy bills by basing itself on the following principles:

  • Houses which need a minimal amount of energy to be highly comfortable. This is achieved thanks to their bioclimatic design and the highest performing thermal envelope.
  • Energy is obtained in the most efficient way possible, thereby reducing energy consumption. It is also possible to have renewable energy installations fitted which means that the majority of energy can be sourced from natural resources for free.

A comparative table provides examples and compares the average energy costs of a standard conventional house with the energy savings  MODULARHABIT makes by incorporating bioclimatic design, an improved thermal envelope, in addition to energy efficient heating, domestic hot water (DHW), lighting and appliances.
 Comparativa: vivienda 120m2, 4 personas y clima medio:esquema1*se ha tomado como base de cálculo una vivienda convencional con instalación de gasóleo y solar térmica para calefacción y ACS.


MODULARHABIT was created by following bioclimatic criteria to achieve maximum comfort at the lowest possible cost, by making the most of the surroundings.

Bioclimatic design takes a holistic approach and all the elements of a house work together in harmony: building structures, installations, windows and walls, solar gain, heating, sound proofing and conditioning, lighting, direction the house is facing, the design of the surroundings, etc.  This means that each element of the house fulfils a bioclimatic purpose.

MODULARHABIT houses can therefore adapt physically and climatically to their surroundings; materials, colours, building solutions are also evaluated in terms of energy savings and how they can be adapted to the environment, all with the finest design.Ideally bioclimatic architecture would be combined with renewable energy sources, which can make it possible for the building to become completely energy self-sufficient.  8
The MODULARHABIT compact design reduces the size of and perfects a building´s thermal envelope.Thermal insulation in a house is essential for ensuring energy efficiency, economic savings and thermal comfort.MODULARHABIT provides an optimal level of insulation, which prevents having to rely excessively on heating and ensures a high level of energy efficiency:

  • Low energy consumption (kWh/m2 per year).
  • Low energy costs (€/year)
  • Low level of CO2 emissions (kg CO2/m2 per year).
  • High level of thermal comfort
Bioclimatic design and insulation reduce the amount of energy a house consumes, but if renewable energy and energy efficiency systems are also used, energy bills can be reduced by up to 80%.
Heating, Domestic Hot Water (DHW), lighting and appliances consume the most energy in houses. MODULARHABIT offers its clients the option of installing versions of these systems which will generate greater savings by using renewable energy wherever possible. consumo
 MODULAR HABIT offers each client the ideal solution for renewable energy heating and DHW systems:

  • Unit heater with a condensing gas boiler.
  • Solar heating with a condensing gas boiler.
  • Aerothermal energy.
  • Geothermal energy.
  • Biomass energy.
There is a whole range of renewable energy solutions available today; here at MODULARHABIT we can advise you on selecting the system which best suits your needs.  The table below will help with choosing the most suitable system and takes into account each client´s needs.
Lighting in a house consumes a large amount of electricity and amounts to 10% of domestic energy costs. For this reason, and in line with its energy efficiency objectives, MODULARHABIT includes lighting systems which can reduce lighting costs by 80% in all its houses.

  • Making the most of natural lighting.
  • Zoning.
  • LED technology
MODULAR HABIT houses come equipped with appliances with an A energy rating or higher. A-rated appliances consume 55% less energy than an average appliance of the same type.
At MODULARHABIT we don´t forget about water and install water-saving systems in the taps and toilets in all our ranges.  We also give customers the option of including rainwater and greywater recycling systems while meeting all environmentally friendly construction criteria.
All MODULARHABIT houses have a very high energy efficiency rating, and can even be classed as A-rated houses.  A house with a high energy efficiency rating comes with the guarantee that its energy efficient construction will result in definite economic savings linked to energy consumption levels. Funding is also available for constructing buildings with an A or B energy efficiency rating. For your convenience, MODULARHABIT can manage this funding for you. 5.8


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