TUINSA MODULAR has developed the MOHA® (MODULARHABIT) technology.MOHA® is a light factory-built system with modules and uses metal structures as the building frame and offers a choice of insulation and finishes. The entire construction process takes place in the factory – from the assembly of the building frame and the installation of fittings to the woodwork and finishes – except for the foundation work, which is carried out on the building site.Being able to build the structures in a factory enables us to respond quickly to ever increasing demands and the impact on the environment is 40% less than traditional building work. Since the system is entirely factory-built, it is easier to control the impact on the environment and be more environmentally friendly, both in terms of thoroughly sorting out waste and construction by-products and by being in control of the entire work process and handling of materials.  The annoying sounds that usually accompany construction work, such as sawing, machinery noise, etc., are eliminated.  There is also no visual pollution or onsite waste because all our work is carried out in a factory.MODULARHABIT® constructions can be recycled and are made from steel which has been recovered and recycled from facilities, machinery and ferrous metal waste.

As a large proportion of MODULARHABIT® parts are mass produced, construction time is reduced by around 50%. Carrying out all the work in a factory environment is highly efficient and gives us a higher degree of control over the construction process, something which is unthinkable with traditional construction methods.

Once a building permit has been awarded, a single family house is ready in around 3 months, depending on each individual case.

MODULARHABIT® significantly reduces the direct and indirect costs of construction compared with traditional construction methods. Bringing together all the construction phases in the factory speeds up the process, makes better use of resources and reduces labour time.  The client also makes savings because they pay back the investment quicker.



The MOHA® System came about thanks to the work of TUINSA Group´s R&D&I department which has worked on and perfected our building system through a number of R&D&I projects. Being able to make the structures in a factory enables us to respond quickly to ever increasing demands.  MODULARHABIT® studies heat transfer mechanisms by using less conventional materials, which when combined with other systems achieve the best possible insulation and the highest heat transmittance standards.   Insulation is key to comfort and well-being; thanks to the R&D&I department´s work, insulation forms part of the building structure itself, exceeds Spain´s Technical Code for Building and generates energy savings.

MODULARHABIT® makes constructions which are highly resistant to external influences and exceed CTE requirements. All the materials we use comply with regulations and have the highest levels of fire-resistance, and the vast majority of them have been waterproofed to prevent humidity inside the building.
The MOHA® systems is adaptable to any  location, climate and local practices, which is why we do limit ourselves to our borders, but are always on the search for new challenges and horizons, open and global markets, while offering an integral and fast system without any waiting times. The conditions and specific needs of the location of each construction project are carefully studied and  MODULARHABIT® is easily adapted to them.  As soon as the manufacturing process is complete, the finished factory-built modules are transported to the building plot, where foundations will previously have been laid. The modules are assembled precisely and cleanly and joined together.  The modules can even be moved elsewhere: they can be taken down and put together in a different place.
MODULARHABIT® adapts to all fields of architecture. We differentiate between different building categories depending on the purpose of the building, for example single family houses, hotels, schools, offices, hospitals, etc.  Each building has very specific features, but they can all benefit from the competitive advantages that the modular building system offers.
As well as factory-built modules, MODULARHABIT® also works with recycled sea containers. They are treated and adapted to make them habitable.  This makes it possible to quickly manufacture, transport and build temporary architectural structures at a low cost,  which can be used for specific purposes, such as mining or military camps.


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