What are the advantages of modularhabit houses?

There are many advantages, which you can find out about in detail by looking around our website. If we were to name just one of them, it would have to be the short amount of time it takes to construct our houses and their low costs without compromising on comfort, environmental considerations, quality guarantees or flexibility.

Can they be mortgaged?

These constructions are property assets and can therefore be mortgaged; the only difference is the way in which they are built. You can take out a mortgage, just like for any other type of house.
All of our houses meet the current Spanish CTE regulation. If the client wishes, they can request technical information or the architectural plan itself; we are willing to provide any technical information that a bank may require.


Can I obtain financing for these houses?

Yes, these houses are the same as traditional houses and the same procedures can be followed.


Is any funding available for building energy efficient houses?

Yes, there is a new initiative called “Construction of new high energy efficiency rated buildings” which provides funding for construction of buildings with an A or B energy rating. The subsidy amount varies depending on the type of building (single family, multi-family or commercial) and the energy rating (A or B) and ranges from 50 €/m2 for a single family dwelling with an A energy rating to 15 €/m2 for commercial buildings with a B rating.


How do you request a quote for a house?

We are developing software which will calculate quotes for all our models. You can get in touch with us through the more information tab or contact us directly by clicking on the CONTACT menu.


What taxes are payable on these houses?

The same as any conventional house. You will receive a signed and certified overview with these details.


Can the interior be refurbished?

Of course, flexibility is one of their main features. In fact, refurbishments are simpler than for a traditional house because our system is more streamlined and quickly assembled and these houses have been designed to be easily extendible and changed around.


Can they be extended or further floors added in the future?

Yes, our assembly system has been designed to allow for another floor to be quickly and efficiently added to the existing structure, resulting in a single independent house.


Are they well insulated?

All modular habit houses meet Spain´s CTE requirements and the superior ranges exceed these standards, offering homeowners excellent levels of comfort.

Can they withstand seismic activity?

Yes, they have been designed to do so.

How long do they last?

As long as any conventional house.

How are they delivered?

In specially designed lorries or boats – it depends on the destination.

Are they fire resistant?

Yes, all parts of the house meet fire-resistant requirements.

Do they need to be specially maintained?

No, no additional maintenance than that needed for a conventional building is required.

I own an urban plot; can I put a house on the plot without having a plan in place?

No, a plan is always required.

What permits do I need?

The same as for any conventional house.

Does the house move, make noises or can it give way once it has been built?

No, not at all.

I live near the beach; since they are made of steel do they rust?

No, not at all.

I live in a very warm place; does the steel get very hot?

No, the steel does not come into contact with the exterior; what is important in regulating heat in the house is the exterior finishing and suitable ventilation. We take into account the location when choosing the materials. Parts of the house with windows are designed proportionately and protected from the direct glare of the sun, when this is seen as a negative factor. As the houses are designed by taking into consideration bioclimatic concerns, they are tailored to their geographical location, use local materials, cross ventilation and have other special design criteria.

If I hang up a picture or bang the wall hard will it break?

No, the interior walls are strong enough to hang pictures on and they meet sound and comfort requirements.

Can it be taken down once it has been put together?

Yes, this is one of the system´s advantages.

If I don´t have water or electricity on my plot, can something be done to adapt to this?

Yes, we study each specific case so that you can build your house anywhere with personalised solutions.

How long does delivery take and when will the work be complete?

In around 90 days, depending on the type of construction.

Can it be set up open plan and then I can finish it off?

Yes, if this is what you would like, we can do so without any problem.

How many floors can the house have?

The standard building structure has been designed to have up to four floors, but this could be increased if the dimensions of the building frame are adjusted.

What materials are they made of?

Please see the technical specifications in the building systems section and in the specifications table.

Can the house be repossessed?

Yes, it is subject to the same legal rules as a conventional house.

Can they be inherited?

Yes, like all other houses.

Can I choose the type of finish for the outside of the house?

The MODULHAB range is more restricted to ensure that we stick to the estimated price for all our models; within this range the client can choose from a selection of finishes. Our company provides you with the highest quality options, but if you wish to go for a special or customised finish we will perform an estimate with all the details you have requested.
With the SINGULHAB range we can work with any architectural firms which draw up plans on request from a client and offer them the advantages of our unique building system.

Do you have any questions?

Please get in contact with us and we will answer any questions as quickly as possible.  CONTACTO